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UTE Group -------Three Days Traveling in Gugangxi

Published in2016-08-31

  1. August 12th to 14th-2016, UTE organization staff with family members to participate in "broaden horizons, connect the world, to fly dream" congratulation activities in Guangxi.
      We successively visited GUPO Mountain, Huangyao Ancient Town, Yvshilin and tasted the unique flavor snacks. Along the way, everybody were attracted by poetic Trees of Streams waterfall, pastoral scene. It will be memory by colleagues friendship. Travel activity is good for feelings between employees, deepened the friendship, built the atmosphere of unity, strengthened the UTE team's cohesion and centripetal force, embodies the people-oriented concept, make everybody broadened horizons, edify sentiment, enhanced as UTE the staff's sense of honor. 

      UTE staff said, after traveling to relax, be sure to the whole heart in work, with practical action to return enterprise, create new splendor for the enterprise to make their due contribution.We believe that a harmonious team with cohesion and creativity is the greatest enterprise forward forever!

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